A look at the prices of pro sports tickets on secondary market

How much will it actually cost you to see a professional sporting event? Probably a lot less than you think.

How it works:

The range of prices for each event with at least one ticket available on Stubhub.com for each of the four major US professional sports leagues--MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL--are recorded every hour. No event can be represented more than once. Only the lowest price for any specifc game is used. Prices might be higher now. Current priced can be found on linked stubhub pages. All events are included, so preseason games are treated the same as postseason games. This leads to issues, but it is already complicated enough combing through about 2 million different prices.

table of contents

  1. Teams that cost at least $20 to see at home
  2. Ten lowest priced upcoming games in each league
  3. Number of times visting team appear in cheapest tickets
  4. Five lowest priced tickets for each team
    1. MLB
    2. MLS
    3. NBA
    4. NFL
    5. NHL

Events and prices are updated hourly. 0 prices for 0 upcoming games were searched to complete this report.

Last updated on 2024 July 19 at 01:00pm PDT.

Number of teams in each league that cost more than $20 to see at home

Five least expensive games for each team
LeagueCurrencyTickets at least $20?FrequencyPercentage
Cheapest game for each team
LeagueCurrencyTickets at least $20?FrequencyPercentage

List of teams with home games that cost $20 or more

Cheapest tickets in each league

Visiting teams that appear most and least often in five least expensive games

List of lowest prices for every major league team.